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I was referred to Dean by a family member who had also seeked help with regards to different issue's, as I was having a couple of issues that mentally were affecting me in my daily life and in turn my sleep. I’d never had any therapy previously so didn’t know what to expect. 

Deans calming and understanding manner was very reassuring and was carried out at my own pace and was never hurried.

The result of my therapy has been so that I’ve become an assured and positive person. This makes me be able to live my life to the full without having any anxieties.

I cannot thank Dean enough for all his guidance, help and support. 

Best wishes


Isle of wight

I came to see Dean with several issues that I had been struggling with for a number of years, and although I went along with an open mind there was a small part of me that doubted that I could ever be free of the negative feelings that plagued me for so long. I couldn’t have been more wrong!
From the start I felt at complete ease talking to Dean, I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed and I was amazed that only after one session I left feeling elated and ready take on whatever life threw at me. The changes I felt within myself continued over the days and weeks after my first appointment and after my second visit to Dean I felt an inner peace and strength that I’ve never experienced before, my partner has also noticed a change in me and my way of thinking. My appointments with Dean have changed my life and I feel so grateful to him for lifting my burden and always being there for me if I have a little wobble or just want to talk.



I was diagnosed with vestibular disorder (damaged inner ear) 2 years ago, this somehow took over my life, causing me to become a prisoner not only in my home but in my body.
I didn’t want to carry out any household chores, cook or go out, shopping and driving/passenger was very difficult, making me feel very sick and heavy headed. All I wanted to do was lock myself away, no lights/sounds or anything visual. 
The consultant at hospital had told me there wasn’t any options for any operations and that in time I would get better naturally and could only recommend some visual exercises. 
After researching different options i looked at Cognitive Hypnotherapy as I was struggling and what with the possibility of my job letting me go, I had nothing else to lose but everything to gain. Never did I think this would have given me my freedom of life back.
Dean listened to what I was experiencing and helped me with overcoming my anxieties and helping me to rid this 2 years of feeling like I was on a boat bobbing up and down and feeling like I’d been drinking alcohol. 
My first session was unexpected, my sickness had all but gone. By the second session my  feeling of my heavy head and wanting to close the world out had nearly left. 
Now I can say I am on my way to a better future and having my life back, I still work, can carry out my daily routines and am back to driving. 
Dean is a very patient and understanding therapist who was there when I needed a gentle nudge. No pressure, all in my own time. Dean used and showed me very helpful techniques which I still use when I need to. I would like to thank Dean for giving me hope but most of all, giving me my life back.
Thank you. 

Best wishes

Ms N

I was at rock bottom when a good friend of mine recommended a therapist she had personally used. 

I was very hesitant and nervous, not knowing what to expect as I had never sought this type of remedy before and had always muddled through myself. This occasion was different I could not get out the dark place I was in. 

On meeting Dean I immediately felt at ease, he asked about the way I was feeling in such a way I felt myself opening up and yes I got upset and cried thinking of the things that had and were still happening in my life, but I felt in control of these emotions and relieved in a way. 

Dean is caring and sincere, he is an excellent therapist and I trust him completely, I never felt embarrassed by his questions as I knew he had my best interests at heart. For the first time in a long time I am stronger and back in control of my life.

Thank you Dean.


Hemel Hempstead